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Major details begin to emerge regarding the Celebrini draft lottery

Published April 25, 2024 at 7:38

As the playoffs are underway, many Montreal Canadiens fans are focused on one thing: the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery.

Finally, there's a chance to see if their favorite team will snag the first overall pick at the upcoming draft and the privilege to select young talent Macklin Celebrini.

While the date of the lottery may still change, details are beginning to emerge.

Which team will hit a home run and add the exceptional Macklin Celebrini? Major announcement regarding the 2024 lottery date!

According to Priyanta Emrith, we will know on either May 6th or May 7th who will draft first overall.

The exact date is still to be confirmed but noteworthy to Habs fans, the NHL Draft Lottery will be either Monday, May 6th or Tuesday, May 7th

Traditionally, the NHL organizes a special broadcast for the occasion, aired on ESPN, Sportsnet, and TVA Sports. So, on one of these two days, the first 16 picks of the NHL draft scheduled for June 28th will be revealed.

According to the renowned site Tankathon, the San Jose Sharks have the highest chance, at 18.5%, of selecting first overall. The top five includes the Chicago Blackhawks (13.5%), Anaheim Ducks (11.5%), Columbus Blue Jackets (9.5%), and Montreal Canadiens (8.5%).

Despite being fifth, Kent Hughes has, based on probabilities, a greater chance of picking sixth (44%) at the upcoming draft. Nonetheless, the odds of selecting in the top 2 are still high, at 17.1%.

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Major details begin to emerge regarding the Celebrini draft lottery

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