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Carey Price was seen with 2 Habs members at a Montreal golf course

Published April 24, 2024 at 8:07 PM

As you know, Carey Price returned to Montreal for the last game of the CH season at the Bell Centre. He was there with his children and his wife, Angela Price.

It's a nice gesture on his part.

We all took for granted that he had already returned to British Columbia for quite some time (almost nine days have passed since the game against the Detroit Red Wings), but no! Carey is still in town!

Carey Price is still in Montreal and he was seen yesterday with Paul Byron and Brendan Gallagher

A fan shared a message claiming he saw the three good friends, three former teammates of the Tricolore, playing golf yesterday at the Cerf course in Longueuil.


Another fan confirms having seen Price and Byron last week at the same course. It's really a nice surprise.

Clearly, Carey likes this course.

If we go back to yesterday, another witness of the golf game claims there was a fourth person with Price, Gallagher, and Byron, but this person was not identified (probably another player).

It's interesting to see that Carey still seems to be in Quebec, especially since his wife, Angela Price, seems to be back at their home in Kelowna, according to what she seems to indicate on her social networks.

It's really great to see that number 31 takes the time to stay here and catch up with his friends from the Montreal Canadiens.

Who knows? Maybe he'll imitate Paul Byron one day and find a position/role within the organization.

Credit : DansLesCoulisses - Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher et Paul Byron sont allés golfer ensemble hier
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Carey Price was seen with 2 Habs members at a Montreal golf course

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