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Major acquisition: Kent Hughes just confirmed two big moves

Published April 4, 2024 at 3:14 PM

As the 2024 NHL draft approaches, Kent Hughes and his team are gearing up for a major acquisition.

The Montreal Canadiens, barring a major turn of events, will have the opportunity to acquire an excellent young and all-around player, with a 5th, 6th, or 7th overall pick next June (in the first round).

Here are some interesting hints about the CH's targets for their first-round pick.

Kent Hughes has made two interesting moves.

Zayne Parekh and Berkly Catton have already been met by the Habs and Kent Hughes!

See the journalist's post:

"Two more quick news:

- The CH has had at least two meetings with the (very offensive) defenseman Zayne Parekh so far; one via zoom and the second in person in Saginaw.

- Same thing for the electrifying Berkly Catton, whom the team met in Spokane." - Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports

"Sounds like the Habs have met both Zayne Parekh in Saginaw & Berkly Catton in Spokane." - HabsOnReddit

Clearly, the leaders are doing their homework and they are already preparing. We love it!

Parekh, 18, is a right-handed defenseman who has an incredible 96 points, including 33 goals, in 66 games this season in the WHL.

It's worth noting he accumulated all these points as a defenseman!

Catton, 18, is a center player who has 116 points, including 54 goals, in just 68 games. He too is very impressive, and we love him!

He is somewhat reminiscent of Zach Benson, who became quite a first-round pick for the Buffalo Sabres last season.

He could be a very interesting choice for the CH.

Cases to follow!

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Major acquisition: Kent Hughes just confirmed two big moves

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