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New announcement on Martin St-Louis's son: there has been a change

Published April 4, 2024 at 11:41

Via TVA Sports, the former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Michel Therrien, made an interesting statement about Martin St-Louis.

In his most recent column, Therrien mentioned that he REALLY likes what he sees from the Canadiens at the moment.

Has the sad turn of events involving Martin St-Louis and his son changed the end of the season for the team?

Someone very well-placed to discuss this seems to believe so.

"Even if there's no stake in the standings and there's not really a difference between a 7th and an 8th place in the Atlantic division, it's crucial to finish on a positive note.

Players need to see that the group is improving and that there is hope for next year." - Michel Therrien

This end of the season should be seen as an opportunity to set the tone for next season, and as a chance to see if the team is ready to play meaningful games in April.

Therrien certainly believes that the courage of Martin St-Louis, and especially his son, has impacted the Habs' recent success.

"The ordeal experienced by coach Martin St-Louis, that is, the injury and hospitalization of his youngest son, has united the team; in sports, this type of event brings people together.

And in Montreal, it had an effect: the team won four of its last five games, defeating some dangerous teams like the Avalanche and the Panthers, and lost only three times in regulation in their last 10 games." - Michel Therrien

And then, he opens up about a personal situation he experienced in Pittsburgh.

"In Pittsburgh, I went through a similar situation when I started coaching the Penguins in 2005-2006. We had been out of playoff contention for a long time, but we ended the season with convincing play, and the next season (my first full one there) we made it to the playoffs." - Michel Therrien

In short, a testimony and an extremely relevant text that we highly recommend.

Therrien believes that since Martin St-Louis' son has been doing better, the Montreal Canadiens have been doing better and the players have been playing so much better.

Certainly, what we are seeing now promises well for next season, and that's great because we are eager to play real meaningful games in spring. (and the players too, without a doubt)

And for those who are concerned about the lottery and who don't like to see Martin St-Louis's team win several games at the end of the season, let's remember that the CH's position (between the 5th and 7th overall pick) is pretty much secure and settled.

And the difference between a 5th and a 7th overall pick isn't really that big, especially this year.

Go Habs Go!

Credit : Journal de Montréal - Les 8 derniers matchs du Canadien seront cruciaux pour leur confiance en 2024-2025
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New announcement on Martin St-Louis's son: there has been a change

What do you wish, by the end of the season, for Martin St-Louis' team?

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