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Logan Mailloux's off-ice behavior: his agent gets angry

Published April 4, 2024 at 10:29

In connection with recent statements on the Stanley25 podcast about Logan Mailloux's off-ice behavior, his agent got involved.

And let's just say it's quite embarrassing.

Let's remember that Jean Trudel and Max Truman recently discussed how the young Mailloux, at the beginning of the season, missed practices, meetings, and didn't necessarily have the most professional off-ice behavior.

It's normal and it's not so serious. After all, he was just a rookie and he didn't yet know what it meant to be a professional hockey player.

That's not the point.

Logan Mailloux's agent got involved and it didn't go well for him

See Truman's statement:

« Logan Mailloux's agent wrote to me and told us it's completely false, that we are slandering when we say his player missed practices and meetings.

He said we were spreading falsehoods. He probably wanted us to apologize or retract. [...]

In the last episode, we said Logan has been exemplary for several weeks and months.

According to reliable sources, he is doing everything he needs to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL. » - Maxime Truman

Here is the gist of his remarks, which I've slightly adjusted for easier understanding.

However, here's where it gets bad and where it becomes embarrassing for Logan Mailloux's agent.

« Digging into it, I came across a press point from JF Houle in January, saying that when Logan arrived (with the Laval Rocket), he was late to practices, late to meetings, and there were veterans who put him in his place. » - Maxime Truman

Wow! This comes directly from a public statement by none other than the head coach of the Laval Rocket, JF Houle, who confirmed the information himself!

Logan Mailloux's agent does not look good in this story.

He says the guys from Stanley25 are off base, but they only reported statements from Jean-François Houle, who is the head coach of the Laval Rocket. Public statements confirmed in a press conference!

Did he know it was true but wanted to protect his player the wrong way? Was he completely unaware of this story and doesn't know what's happening with his client?

In any case, he probably would have been better off not getting involved.

Video and the complete episode:

Kudos to Max Truman, who clearly came off better than this NHL player's agent in this story.
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Logan Mailloux's off-ice behavior: his agent gets angry

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