Ivan Demidov makes a surprise announcement for Hughes and the rest of the league

Elias Edmonson
June 5, 2024  (10:36)

photo of Ivan Demidov
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The young forward Ivan Demidov, the second-best player available in the 2024 draft, has just made a wonderful surprise announcement.

Unlike Matvei Michkov last year, there is absolutely no doubt for him. He wants to play in the National Hockey League as soon as possible, and there are absolutely no concerns about his contract.
In fact, to prove his intentions, Demidov is currently continuing his rehabilitation in North America!

Ivan Demidov eliminates all fears for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens

Clearly, this young forward will be a home run at the 2024 draft. He has just announced his intentions:
«According to what has been learned by hanging out in the lobby of the chic hotel where the NHL elite is gathered this week, the Demidov camp assures that the young Russian's plan is to make the jump to North America at the end of his contract in Russia, which is at the end of the next season.» - Kevin Dubé, TVA Sports

Demidov even refused very interesting contract extensions in his homeland, to ensure he could play in the National Hockey League as soon as possible.
We are far from the Matvei Michkov case, except for the fact that both young men are extremely unique and talented on the ice.
«It seems that the SKA wanted to ensure that Demidov would agree to a long-term deal with the team, which the Russian player's camp refused to keep his doors open and ensure he could make the jump to North America if he wanted, without having to wait three years like Michkov.» - Kevin Dubé, TVA Sports

The SKA does not seem willing to make efforts to develop a player who wants to go to North America, so Ivan Demidov has every reason to want to come here as soon as possible.
It looks like the SKA has given up on keeping him there longer than necessary.
Also note that, unlike Matvei Michkov, the Montreal Canadiens management will be able to meet Ivan Demidov before the draft.
His agent announced a private evaluation camp and meetings available for NHL teams from June 18 to 23.
Bet that Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, and company will be there!
The doors are wide open anyway.
If Demidov ever slips to the 5th overall pick for the Montreal Canadiens, it could be such a home run.
We look forward to seeing what happens next for the young Demidov, but he seems to have the right attitude.
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Ivan Demidov makes a surprise announcement for Hughes and the rest of the league

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