The Canadiens just made a reveling move towards Matvei Michkov

Published June 23, 2023 at 0:59

With less than two weeks to go until the NHL draft, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Matvei Michkov's case.

While some rumors pointed to the possibility of the San Jose Sharks selecting the Russian prospect at fourth overall, it appears the management will turn to American center Will Smith, much to the dismay of Canadiens fans.

This means that Michkov will likely be available at the fifth pick, and there is speculation that Kent Hughes is hesitant to select him, primarily because of his contractual situation in the KHL.

However, as reported by Raphaël Simard of Danslescoulisses.com, the Canadiens' management seems much more informed about Michkov's situation than we think.

At least that's what journalist Martin Leclerc stated on BPM Sports.

"I'm sure the Canadiens are among the most informed teams about Matvei Michkov."

A revealing and encouraging sign of curiosity.

Even though Kent Hughes hasn't met with the Russian prospect, who was absent from the Combine that took place last week, we can say the organization has done its homework and is fortunate to have someone like Nick Brobov on their recruitment team.

He has good contacts with the KHL leaders, and his father is indeed a scout for the SKA of St. Petersburg, Michkov's team.

Despite these interesting details, all indications are that the Canadiens will take a different path with the fifth overall pick, but as we know with Kent Hughes, we are not safe from a last-minute twist.

To listen to Martin Leclerc's commentary, click the link here.
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The Canadiens just made a reveling move towards Matvei Michkov

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