Huge statement regarding Matvei Michkov and Connor McDavid

Published May 27, 2023 at 0:56

About a month before the eagerly awaited 2023 NHL Draft, as many Montreal Canadiens fans wholeheartedly wish that Kent Hughes would draft the phenomenon Matvei Michkov, a major statement has just been made.

It comes from the highly respected Scott Wheeler, one of the world's best rookie experts, and he mentioned it in passing on the podcast Behind the Play.

"The talent is special. To me, he's the best Russian prospect since 2004, when Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin were picked back to back. He's genuine. He's the kind of player who can easily have a 100-point season at the peak of his career. I've never said that about any other prospect, whether it's McDavid or Bedard, so it speaks to his true talent. He will become a real star in the league."

It's extremely rare for Wheeler to go this far, but wow. He could be the most talented player of the last 30 years for the CH, nothing less.

Michkov could completely transform the Canadiens' attack.

If it was your decision, would you draft him?

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May 27   |   832 answers
Huge statement regarding Matvei Michkov and Connor McDavid

If it were your decision, would you draft Michkov at the 5th spot?

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No19223.1 %
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