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Maple Leafs Fans Complain About Gary Bettman Screwing Them

Published April 21, 2024 at 9:18 PM

As the 2024 NHL playoffs enter their second day, concerns about scheduling fairness have surfaced. Critics argue that the timing of games provides certain teams with unfair advantages, potentially affecting the outcome of the series.

Uneven Start Dates

The Toronto Maple Leafs began their pursuit of the Stanley Cup on the opening day of the playoffs. In contrast, the NHL has implemented a rotating schedule this year, featuring four games daily.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Oilers and Golden Knights starting the playoffs three days after the #MapleLeafs constitutes an unfair advantage. By then, William Nylander could have recovered, leading to a very different conversation.


Several teams are scheduled to debut in the playoffs only by tomorrow, benefiting from an additional 48 hours of rest.

Allegations of Favoritism

The scheduling has sparked allegations of favoritism towards specific teams.

Importantly, the Las Vegas Golden Knights received a three-day extension before their first game, allowing more recovery time for key players, including their captain, Mark Stone.

Impact of Rest Periods

The timing of the games has interesting implications. For instance, the Maple Leafs faced the Boston Bruins without William Nylander due to his injury. Had their match been scheduled for a later date, Nylander might have recovered in time to influence the game's outcome.

Although he is expected to return for the second game, the absence could have altered the first game significantly.

While theories about what might have been if Nylander had participated from the start still remain, the nature of sports is inherently unpredictable. The Maple Leafs must now focus on their upcoming game and strive for a victory with Nylander back in the lineup.

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Maple Leafs Fans Complain About Gary Bettman Screwing Them

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