Nazem Kadri Takes A Shot At The Toronto Maple Leafs

Published July 15, 2023 at 10:44

Nazem Kadri fired a shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs in a recent interview.

Kadri Fires Shot At Leafs

Throughout his 14-year NHL career, Nazem Kadri played 10 with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has found a lot of success away from the Leafs having won a Stanley Cup with Colorado and posting career highs with the Avalanche in 2021-22.

After winning the cup, he signed a 7-year deal with the Calgary Flames and had a lackluster season which ended with the Flames, unfortunately, missing out on the playoffs.

In an interview on Sportsnet 960, Kadri said the following about the Flames' struggles which came off as a shot at the Leafs.

"I played in Toronto for 10 years. I can shrug things off pretty easily"

Kadri Looks Ahead

While he took this shot at the Leafs, it is clear that his headspace is with the Flames and looking to help them make the playoffs again next year.

"I've got faith in Husk (Ryan Huska, the Flames' new head coach), I've talked to him several times one-on-one since the news broke. I really like where his head's at. I think he's a smart guy. He's got some coaching experience ... (is) familiar with the franchise and the players surrounding the organization, so that's a huge help to find somebody in-house like that who already knows what's going on... At the end of the day, defense is going to win you a championship, but it's a modern NHL offensive game that everyone has to adapt to, and I think he's going to look to be creative."

Kadri is coming off of a 24-goal and 56-point campaign with the Flames which is a considerable step down from the 28-goal and 87-point year he had in 2021-22. He will look to bounce back next year alongside other Flames players.

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Nazem Kadri Takes A Shot At The Toronto Maple Leafs

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