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Auston Matthews Accused of Sabotaging Teammate

Published March 10, 2023 at 11:48

An account on TikTok has accused Auston Matthews of purposely sabotaging his teammate and having him injured.

Did Auston Matthews Sabotage Ryan O'Reilly?

On the TikTok account Empty Netters, the crew accused Matthews of putting a hit on Ryan O'Reilly ‘accidentally on purpose'.

@empty.netters CP coming in HOT with a big time tinfoil hat theory on the Toronto 'Broken Finger -Gate" situation. Is it possible this was calculated?! 🥅 #nhl #hockey #podcast #newepisode #torontomapleleafs #austonmatthews #ryanorielly #conspricytheroy #tinfoilhat ♬ original sound - Empty Netters

This is a crazy accusation, considering that many have said Matthews is a model teammate

There's no way to know if there's any truth to this, but it's definitely a crazy take.

Do you think Matthews would do this to a teammate?

Source: Maple Leafs Insider
March 10   |   2760 answers
Auston Matthews Accused of Sabotaging Teammate

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