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New surprise announcement involving Gary Bettman and the Nordiques

Published April 2, 2024 at 6:57 PM

We just learned of a very interesting news involving Gary Bettman and the Quebec Nordiques.

Obviously, whenever there's talk of expansion or relocation in the NHL, it's certain that the name of Quebec will come up. While Gary Bettman doesn't seem very enthusiastic about seeing a team in his league return to the national capital, Quebec's finance minister, Éric Girard, seems to hold this project dear.

After seeing his meeting with the league commissioner cancelled last November, the one who is nicknamed the "Minister of the Nordiques" seems to have a new chance. Indeed, according to what Nicolas Lachance from the Journal de Montréal reports, the minister has a meeting scheduled no later than today with the NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman.

Confirmed by Éric Girard's office, this private meeting will take place in New York following a meeting of the Minister in the Big Apple. The subjects of this courtesy meeting have not been disclosed, but it can be assumed that it will touch on the city of Quebec.

We recall that last October, Minister Girard had mentioned his willingness to demonstrate to the NHL that the national capital was serious about the idea of bringing a new NHL franchise to its places.

"When I go to New York, if Mr. Bettman is in New York when I'm there, I take the opportunity to say hello and remind him that Quebec is a dynamic city with infrastructure" - Éric Girard

In recent weeks, the cities of Salt Lake City, Houston, and Atlanta have all made headlines as being potential candidates to host an NHL team. Quebec will therefore have competition if it really wants to get its team back!

Via JDM : Le «ministre des Nordiques» et des Finances, Eric Girard, doit rencontrer Gary Bettman à New York, aujourd'hui

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New surprise announcement involving Gary Bettman and the Nordiques

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