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Major: Shane Wright had a lot to say about Juraj Slafkovsky

Published February 22, 2024 at 10:38

Nearly two years after the famous 2022 NHL draft, nearly two years after the Shane Wright "saga" in Montreal, the young Seattle Kraken forward was given the floor again by the excellent Nicolas Cloutier, from TVA Sports.

Wright had a lot to say about Slafkovsky, and it shows his great class

As we know, young Wright was very disappointed not to be drafted first overall by the Montreal Canadiens (in favor of Slaf), but he did not miss the opportunity to praise Kent Hughes's selection.

"Slafkovsky is playing very well right now," Wright conceded during a videoconference interview with TVA Sports. "In the last month, he has played some very good hockey in Montreal. Obviously, he is where I want to be. I want to perform in the NHL. My time will come, I hope. I have to believe in the plan." - Wright

He added that what Slafkovsky is doing right now is very impressive and somewhat inspires him.

Wright knows he still needs to refine his game in the AHL, but he trusts the plan put in place by his organization.

"His reaction in the stands of the Bell Centre, upset and eagerly waiting to be drafted, gave him a certain reputation as a spoiled child. His glance towards the Canadiens' table was not well received either. Wright, a competitor, had expressed before the draft that he wanted to be the first player selected and that he felt he deserved it." - Nicolas Cloutier

But Wright has turned the page and is focusing on things that are truly important to him, particularly his development as a center player.

He loves what he does, and he would like to do what Juraj Slafkovsky does, and as soon as possible. It motivates him.

We wish Shane Wright the best of luck moving forward!

Wright, 20, is a fourth overall pick in 2022. He has accumulated 32 points, including 18 goals, in 43 AHL games at the age of 20.

An interview to listen to and an article to read:

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Major: Shane Wright had a lot to say about Juraj Slafkovsky

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