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Jeff Gorton drops a big hint on potentially acquiring a superstar

Published April 20, 2024 at 12:22

This Wednesday was a day for assessment, and of course, as tradition dictates, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes spoke to the media.

In addition to announcing that the team would exercise its option on Martin St-Louis's contract, the duo slightly opened up about their plans for the upcoming summer.

Openly, the GM stated that the aspects of his team that need improvement in the near future are offensive talent, physicality, and special teams.

To achieve this, several options are available to the duo, including trades and free agency. The first option, as he likes to do each summer when he added Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook via trade, could very likely occur again. However, there is a significant condition, which is that it must not harm the club's long-term plan.

But as Hughes mentioned during his review, it still requires that the players targeted by the CH for a trade be available. He will not make a trade just for the sake of trading, and he will not overpay to achieve his goals.

Jeff Gorton opens the door to acquiring a free agent! Names like Sam Reinhart, Jake Guentzel, Steven Stamkos, Jonathan Marchessault, and Sean Monahan will be available!

Regarding the free agent market, the duo seemed a bit more open to participating this summer than last year. Gorton mentioned that if there is a free agent who can really help the club, the leadership will certainly consider the option of signing him.

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This is a stark contrast to the VP's speech last year when he did not want to give too much money to an older player. It will be interesting to see who the club might target on July 1st next.

Could this significant player be Jonathan Marchessault?

However, don't get your hopes up too much about this. Kent Hughes said it, the next summer will be one of the most important since his arrival with the club. But it will be less so than the following summer! Expect the major player to arrive more in 2025 and not in the coming months.

One never knows what could happen as the GM always has the knack of surprising us...

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Jeff Gorton drops a big hint on potentially acquiring a superstar

If you had to sign one, who would it be?

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