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Macklin Celebrini was spotted at the Bell Centre in very good company

Published April 20, 2024 at 10:05

The top overall pick of the 2024 NHL Draft, Macklin Celebrini, was spotted at the Bell Centre in Montreal earlier this week.

The draft promises to be very interesting and full of twists, but it is already known that the first name to be called will be that of the young Celebrini.

There will be no surprise at the 1st rank.

He is also one of the best friends of Lane Hutson. He has commented on several posts by Lane and the Montreal Canadiens recently.

Celebrini has shown a lot of interest in Montreal and San Jose in recent days, but his next destination obviously does not depend on him.

It's the lottery that will decide everything.

His father has recently confided that they already have a plan in place if he is drafted in the Bay.

In short, there was a big visit at the Bell Centre on Tuesday against the Detroit Red Wings. (in addition to Carey Price and Paul Byron)

Macklin Celebrini was at the Bell Centre Tuesday night

The one who is, by far, the best prospect available for the upcoming draft was indeed in town this week.

Celebrini came to Montreal mainly to support his buddy, Lane Hutson, who was playing his first game in front of the Montreal fans at the Bell Centre.

Wow! That says a lot about Celebrini and it says a lot about his relationship with Hutson, to see that he made the trip to Montreal just for him, at such a busy time for Macklin.

«In total, there were 16 players from the Terriers in a loge at the Bell Centre. Macklin Celebrini, the future class valedictorian of the 2024 draft, was also there.»

- Via Jean-François Chaumont

Clearly, Hutson was an extremely appreciated player in the Boston University locker room.

Celebrini, 17 years old, has amassed an incredible 64 points in 38 games this season in the NCAA, a mark almost historic for someone his age in his first year.

Celebrini ended the season with a haul of 32 goals and 32 assists.

The Canadiens have an 8.5% chance of winning the lottery to draft him and reunite him with Lane Hutson. The two were extremely solid, together, at BU.

Case to follow!

Credit: DansLesCoulisses.com - Macklin Celebrini était au Centre Bell mardi soir
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Macklin Celebrini was spotted at the Bell Centre in very good company

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