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Insane change in Slafkovsky's game that shows his current dominance

Published April 11, 2024 at 11:11

The young forward of the Canadiens, Juraj Slafkovsky, has adjusted several elements of his game to become the player he is today for Martin St-Louis' team.

He is light years away from where he was at the beginning of the season, and light years from where he was last season.

One of the criticisms often made about Slafkovsky, one of the things his coaches, teammates, and experts most reproached him for, is that he didn't shoot enough.

He has a very good shot, and we see it now, but he never used it in game situations.

He would often take 0 or 1 shot per game.

An unexpected change in Juraj Slafkovsky's game

That has completely changed now, and significantly so.

Martin St-Louis would have been happy to see Slafkovsky take three shots per game, or something like that, but for a few games now, we're talking about a really unexpected change.

For the past two weeks, Juraj Slafkovsky is taking close to FIVE shots per game, which is incredible and obviously shows in the results.

It's no coincidence he scored a hat-trick Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

"Slavkovsky is shooting like never before. He managed 6 shots against the Flyers, and this time he was rewarded with 3 goals.

His shots per game:

October: 1.11

November: 1.64

December: 1.31

January: 1.62

February: 2.73

March: 1.85

Last 6 games: 4.67"

- Via Stefan Bugan

This is a drastic change. 4.67 shots per game is huge and excellent!

These are numbers worthy of Auston Matthews, Nathan Mackinnon, David Pastrnak, Jack Hughes etc..

Clearly, Slafkovsky is on the right path, and it's exciting for what's to come. He is just beginning to blossom.

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Insane change in Slafkovsky's game that shows his current dominance

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