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Hughes is on the verge of buying out a contract according to analyst

Published April 21, 2024 at 10:34 PM

A big summer is starting for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, who want to give Martin St-Louis a chance to make the playoffs as soon as next year.

Among the decisions awaiting the leadership of the CH, there will obviously be possible trades, possible big draft picks, possible big signings of free agents, players who will leave, but also, contracts that could be bought out.

In this regard, during his end-of-season press conference, the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, stated that he does not necessarily believe that he will perform a contract buyout this summer.

Despite Kent Hughes' statement, Philippe Boucher believes that a contract buyout will be announced by the CH

The potential candidates for a buyout are Brendan Gallagher, Josh Anderson, and possibly Christian Dvorak.

No, Joel Armia no longer falls into this category, which is a big victory.

«General Manager Kent Hughes mentioned, during the assessment in front of several media representatives, that the Canadiens did not intend to buy out a contract to relieve a burden on the salary cap.» - Via RDT

Despite this, TVA Sports analyst and former NHL player, Philippe Boucher, just made this statement:

«I'll make you a prediction: the Canadiens will buy out a contract this summer. I don't want to call Kent Hughes a liar, but I think it can be logical»

He adds that Kent Hughes would certainly not say in front of everyone that he intends to buy out a contract.

It just doesn't happen, not publicly:

«It was difficult for Hughes to be perfectly honest about this during his season assessment. These are questions where you can't always answer exactly what you think.»

«He was very categorical, but I think that over time, a contract buyout can make a little sense.» - Philippe Boucher at TVA Sports

So, this will be a file to watch.

Josh Anderson, 29 years old, earns 5.5 million dollars per year until 2027.

Brendan Gallagher, 31 years old, earns 6.5 million dollars per year until 2027, having had a superb end of the season.

Christian Dvorak, 28 years old, earns 4.45 million dollars per year until 2025.

Generally, contract buyouts are done at the beginning of the off-season, to give the best margin of maneuver, so we may soon have our answer.

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Hughes is on the verge of buying out a contract according to analyst

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