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Hughes could bring a major surprise back to MTL after the frozen four

Published April 11, 2024 at 5:15 PM

It's a big day in the NCAA and for Lane Hutson as the Frozen Four begins, which is the final four of the American college NCAA tournament.

Four Habs prospects will indeed participate in the event this Thursday, namely Hutson, Jacob Fowler, Sam Harris, and Luke Tuch.

That was enough for Kent Hughes to make the trip to Minnesota to attend this event. According to Renaud Lavoie, he will be keeping a close eye on young Hutson.

Kent Hughes travels to Minnesota for Lane Hutson!

He can agree with the CH as soon as his tournament ends. It all depends on the success, or not, of Boston University in the coming days.

"Will Kent Hughes take the plane back with Lane Hutson to bring him directly to Montreal? The Canadiens play Thursday against the Islanders. Obviously, Lane Hutson will not be there, and he most likely won't be against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday either" - Renaud Lavoie

Given that the chances of seeing the CH prospect's team reach the grand final, which takes place this Saturday, are high, the most plausible scenario with Hutson would be to see him play the last two matches of the club against the Detroit Red Wings. Lavoie also had a nice observation about the young man:

"The two matches are against the Red Wings [one in Montreal, the other in Detroit]. Where does our friend Lane Hutson come from? Michigan" - Renaud Lavoie

Hughes will also have the chance to see in action the one everyone sees being picked first overall in the next NHL draft, Macklin Celebrini. Hutson's teammate with BU will definitely attract attention over the weekend at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

Just imagine if the CH got their hands on Celebrini next June!

To date, according to the website Tankathon, the CH has an 8.5% chance of obtaining the first overall pick in the next draft. Even though it's slim, we can certainly dream!

Credit : TVA Sports - Kent Hughes part rencontrer son joyau, Lane Hutson!
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Hughes could bring a major surprise back to MTL after the frozen four

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