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Major: Kent Hughes is going to announce a big acquisition this week

Published April 11, 2024 at 2:44 PM

The General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Kent Hughes, is reportedly about to announce an interesting offensive signing.

Forward Oliver Kapanen is expected to sign with the Habs in a few days!

"News of Oliver Kapanen signing with the Habs at the end of this season but could still play next season in Europe, with Timra.

Kapanen had an excellent season but he is still young, one more season in Europe will not hurt him!" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

The Montreal Canadiens will sign Oliver Kapanen after the season, according to Patrik Bexell

Check out his post.

However, let's wait before thinking that Kapanen will immediately land in North America, especially to help the Laval Rocket.

It's more a signing and acquisition for the long term.

"I can confirm what Marco is saying here. Expect Oliver Kapanen to attend the Canadiens' camp but then return for a last season in Finland, next year. Laval in 2025-2026 is very plausible." - Anthony Marcotte, BPM Sports

Therefore, we should expect the Habs to announce Kapanen's signing shortly, expect him to be present for the training camp next September, but he might return to Europe afterward for one last season.

His European team really wants to keep him a bit longer, which says a lot about the youngster.

Kapanen, 20 years old, drafted 64th overall (2nd round) in 2021 by the Canadiens, had a superb season in Finland's top league.

He gathered 34 points, including 14 goals, in 51 games, but he was especially impressive in the playoffs with a tally of 14 points in 10 games.

A name to remember, that one!

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Major: Kent Hughes is going to announce a big acquisition this week

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