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Heartbreaking news as the Price family mourns the loss of a loved one

Published April 14, 2024 at 7:02 PM

Carey Price's wife, Angela Price, has just shared a sad news via her Instagram page. The Price family lost a loved one.

We reported last week that Angela Price hinted at the possible presence of Carey Price with the Canadiens for the last games of the season against the Detroit Red Wings, many of you have been asking us whether number 31 will indeed be present, or not.

Mrs. Price may have just provided the answer.

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Carey Price and Angela Price in Spokane following a death in his family

On her personal page, she revealed this.

«It wasn't under the best circumstances, but it was a nice visit to Spokane. It was a beautiful service for Aunt Laura.

We had never really explored Spokane, apart from the downtown... It's actually a very nice place!»

- Angela Price

Carey and Angela are currently in Spokane, which is more than a 30-hour drive from Detroit.

It would therefore be surprising to see them tomorrow, but one can totally understand. Family comes first!

We also offer our deepest condolences to the family!

See her post:


We would really be happy to see them in Montreal on Tuesday, but if not, it's really no big deal.

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Heartbreaking news as the Price family mourns the loss of a loved one

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