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The 4 front-runners for the Habs' coveted first pick are now revealed

Published April 14, 2024 at 12:43

Ahead of the 2024 NHL draft, four players have just been targeted for Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens' first-round pick.

It's really interesting, because unlike last year, there seem to be only a few options for the CH, so it becomes much easier to predict.

We can focus on 4-5 names.

We already know that Kent Hughes will not draft a left-handed defenseman (and there are several ranked in the top-15).

We also know that Macklin Celebrini and Ivan Demidov will not be reachable, unless they win the lottery, and we know that Cayden Lindstrom will most likely not be reachable either.

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This leaves few options, but still options we love!

« The 2024 is shaping up to have the following:

1. Celebrini #1

2. Up to three defencemen going between picks 2 and 6, possibly five in top-10

3. Demidov and Lindstrom likely going in the top-5.

The field seems rather set for a Parekh/Iginla/Catton/Eiserman selection for MTL.

- Marco D'Amico

According to him, it would officially be between the ultra-offensive right-handed defenseman Zayne Parekh, and the forwards Berkly Catton, Cole Eiserman, and Tij Iginla. Interesting!

Zayne Parekh, Berkly Catton, Cole Eiserman, or Tij Iginla as acquisitions for the Montreal Canadiens in June?

Parekh, 6 feet, an 18-year-old right-handed defenseman, amassed an incredible 96 points, including 33 goals, in 66 games this season in the OHL.

Catton, 5 feet 11, an 18-year-old left-handed center, amassed a very solid 116 points, including 54 goals, in 68 games this season in the WHL.

Eiserman, 6 feet, a 17-year-old left winger, amassed a ridiculous 74 goals in 73 games this season. Not 74 points, 74 goals in 73 games (with the American U18 development program)!

Eiserman has amassed 110 points this season.

Finally, Tij Iginla is a 17-year-old left-handed center, who has amassed 84 points, including 47 goals, in 64 games this season in the WHL.

These are four excellent youngsters, and it promises!

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The 4 front-runners for the Habs' coveted first pick are now revealed

Which one would you draft among these four names?

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