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Georges Laraque believes the organization should prohibit players from living near bars in downtown Montreal

Published March 16, 2024 at 11:03

The Stanley25 podcast, by Max Truman and Jean Trudel, continues to make a lot of noise in the scene and within the Montreal Canadiens.

In their latest episode, with guest none other than Georges Laraque, Cole Caufield's off-ice habits became a topic of discussion.

As can be read in this article from DLC titled "Georges Laraque confirms that Cole Caufield is not always serious off the ice," the former CH enforcer believes notably that the organization should prohibit players from living downtown and near bars. (which leads to bad habits and bad company according to him)

"He refers to one of the first episodes of Stanley25, where we learned that Cole Caufield and Christian Dvorak live together and reside close to a bar.

When Laraque said there are currently players in Montreal who could be better if they were more serious, it was already a first clue towards Cole Caufield. Those who know, know.

Afterward, when Max Truman asked if these were "guys who are there to score goals" and should score more, Laraque did not deny it either." - Via DLC

Cole Caufield, who likes to go to bars: there's absolutely no scandal here!

That said, we strongly insist that there is absolutely nothing wrong with learning Cole Caufield enjoys going to Montreal bars, especially when the team has a day off.

We would do exactly the same thing in his place. Moreover, he is still very young and the CH is not even in the race for the NHL playoffs.

Not all players are required to have the off-ice lifestyle of Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, or Connor Bedard.

And it's not as if Cole Caufield is having a bad season either. He has improved many aspects of his game.

Details here:

Always very interesting, this episode of the Stanley25 podcast, once again! Here is the full video in question, which once again generates a ton of reactions:

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Georges Laraque believes the organization should prohibit players from living near bars in downtown Montreal

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