Auston Matthews completely ignores a fan and the video gets a huge reaction

Published October 6, 2022 at 11:55

There is currently a video of Toronto Maple Leafs star player Auston Matthews that is circulating a lot on the web, and we wanted to talk about it a bit.

The goal here is not to criticize Matthews, far from it, but the debate is interesting.

In the video in question, we see the Leafs forward signing a few autographs for young fans, which is obviously always magical to see.

Their reaction is beautiful, and we always love to see that. In the video, we see that Matthews prioritizes the youth, he signs their autographs first, and again, it's absolutely perfect like that.

On the other hand, you can clearly see that when it's time to sign the autograph of the adult present, who was patiently waiting his turn, he looks at him, completely ignores him, and ultimately never goes to offer him his autograph.

Again, we emphasize that we understand that they sign a lot of them and that they can sometimes be "tired" of signing them, but in this case, there was only one adult, who was patiently waiting his turn.

It's not always like that.

Recall what happened in Las Vegas last season when adults were practically pushing kids around to get items signed, presumably in order to resell them and make money.

In this case, kudos to the players for ignoring these classless, profiteering adults. They don't deserve autographs at all. There are situations where it's great that the players ignore some of the "touts" or just disrespectful fans.

That was not the case here.

We'll mention this a third time. We're not criticizing Matthews, we're just using this video (which is getting a huge reaction) because we find the debate interesting.

Do NHL players have to sign autographs? Is it part of the job?

They are absolutely right to prioritize children, but do adults who are respectful and patiently waiting their turn deserve to be ignored?

If there are 56 waiting, we can understand, but sometimes, like in the video below, there are only two or three.

Anyway, you be the judge, but the video is circulating a lot right now.

Here it is:

Auston Matthews video
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Auston Matthews completely ignores a fan and the video gets a huge reaction

Was Matthews a Jackass for ignoring the fan who was patiently and respectfully waiting?

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