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A strange locker room story involving Logan Mailloux has just come out

Published May 8, 2024 at 12:17

The day after the 2024 NHL draft lottery, we're already wondering what Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens' lineup might look like next year.

Will we need to add the name of Ivan Demidov? Cayden Lindstrom? Trevor Zegras?

But above all, which young players already in the organization will be added to the Canadiens' 2024-25 lineup?

Logan Mailloux's name is increasingly circulating in Montreal!

It will really be interesting to watch over the coming months, but the clues continue to accumulate for Logan Mailloux.

Maxime Truman has just published an interesting fact about young Mailloux.

In the locker room of the Laval Rocket, all the players' nameplates were still in place last Saturday, except for (you guessed it) Logan Mailloux!

«No, it's not because he played the last game of the Canadiens' season at the Bell Centre that Logan Mailloux no longer had a plaque in the Rocket's locker room. [...]

Mailloux played at the Bell Centre on Tuesday, April 16, then at Place Bell on April 20, four days AFTER his match in Montreal.» - Maxime Truman

Moreover, the Habs and the Rocket don't even have the same nameplates. They do not share them.

Curious discovery in the locker room: Logan Mailloux's name is the ONLY name missing

It's a minor clue, but it could mean a lot. We understand that the names of David Reinbacher and Jayden Struble, for example, were all there.

It was really only Logan Mailloux's that was missing.

It could be because Mailloux simply took his plaque with him, to keep a souvenir of his first and last season in Laval (which would be really nice to see), but it could also simply be because it is well known that Mailloux will no longer need his nameplate with the Laval Rocket logo.

«And that leads us to believe he might know that his chances of playing in Montreal in October – and not in Laval – are very high. [...]

It is also possible that the Canadiens' organization has already decided that Mailloux will leave during the summer... and wanted to start fresh with everything related to Mailloux. I don't think we have a likely scenario here, but with his past, the information thrown out by Jean Trudel on the Stanley25 podcast, and his agent's behavior towards me, it could still happen...» - Maxime Truman

Knowing this information, it's up to you to decide if you want to give it importance, or not.

It's up to you to judge if it's intriguing/curious, or if it's a tempest in a teapot.

Certainly, Mailloux had an extraordinary season in the American Hockey League, his first as a professional, where he amassed 47 points in 72 games (and 1 point in 1 NHL game).

He made a very good impression on the fans!

Credit and details:
Le Rocket aurait rapidement retiré la plaque de Logan Mailloux du vestiaire de l'équipe.

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A strange locker room story involving Logan Mailloux has just come out

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