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There could be a big surprise waiting for the Habs at the 5th spot

Published May 8, 2024 at 10:54

Last night, the Montreal Canadiens lost the 2024 NHL draft lottery, with San Jose winning the 1st overall pick, and Chicago the 2nd overall pick.

But now we are seeing some very interesting developments today.

According to some journalists who are well-connected with the Blackhawks, it's really not certain that they will draft young Ivan Demidov. Far from it.

Dramatic turn and Ivan Demidov available for the Canadiens' 5th pick?

This completely changes our perception of yesterday's result.

It would be a dream scenario, it would be a huge unexpected victory for the CH in the draft, and some media seem to believe it.

Already, rumors are sending Artyom Levshunov to the Chicago Blackhawks.

According to journalists from The Score, Celebrini would go to San Jose, Levshunov to Chicago, the huge defenseman Anton Silayev to Anaheim, Cayden Lindstrom to Columbus, and this would leave Ivan Demidov for the Montreal Canadiens.

To be continued, but there is hope for Habs fans!

Drafting Demidov with the 5th overall pick would be like having won the 2nd overall pick in the lottery.

Demidov has scored 23 goals and 37 assists (60 points) in just 30 games in his native country, while Nikita Kucherov had recorded 58, but in 41 games.

Sources say that the Habs really love him!
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There could be a big surprise waiting for the Habs at the 5th spot

Who is the 2nd best player in the 2024 draft, according to you?

Demidov39660.4 %
Levshunov395.9 %
The big Silayev507.6 %
Cayden Lindstrom or other17126.1 %
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