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Major: we just learned that the NHL restarted the lottery 4 times

Published May 8, 2024 at 9:48

We finally know the results of the 2024 NHL lottery, the Macklin Celebrini lottery, but here's some interesting news.

As you probably know, the official drawing took place a few minutes before the official unveiling yesterday, in a secure room and behind closed doors, with several members of the media, an official auditor, and Commissioner Gary Bettman.

They conducted two drawings. One to crown the winner of the 1st overall pick, one to crown the winner of the 2nd overall pick. These are combinations of four digits.

For example, the Canadiens had 85 combinations out of the possible 1000 (8.5%).

A historic situation yesterday at the lottery won by the Sharks

As Marco Normandin reports, we had an extremely rare situation yesterday during the official drawing, even though the team with the highest chance of winning won.

"In the event that the same team won the first drawing and then also won the second drawing, it is already planned in the rules that another drawing must be done to determine a winner.

But this has never happened in the history of the league, which established a lottery in 1995. Yesterday, it happened not once but twice!"

That's crazy! In summary:

- The Sharks won the 1st overall pick in the first drawing

- The Sharks won the 2nd overall pick in the second drawing

- The Sharks won the 2nd overall pick in the third drawing

This is unprecedented in the history of the lottery. A fourth drawing was then done, and finally, the Chicago Blackhawks won and got the second overall pick for 2024.

"The San Jose Sharks actually won the 1st three draft lottery draws. The Blackhawks won the 4th drawing for the second overall pick.

First time in NHL Draft Lottery history they had one redraw, let alone two." - Greg Wyshynski

"There are supposed to be 2 draws for the 2024 Draft Lottery, only unlikely circumstances force a redraw. It's actually never happened.

Sharks kept winning the draw, so they had to redraw after their 1st win. Sharks won first 3, finally on 4th draw, Hawks won the No. 2 pick!" - Sheng Peng


Clearly, the Sharks were lucky yesterday, and clearly, they were due for a top-2 pick.

Credit : HABSolumentFan - Les Sharks ont remporté trois fois le tirage de la loterie!
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Major: we just learned that the NHL restarted the lottery 4 times

If the Blackhawks don't take Demidov 2nd, would you trade the 5th overall pick + the Jets' 1st pick, for the 3rd overall pick?

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