We now know what Kent Hughes has to give away to trade Shea Weber

Published March 9, 2022 at 12:14

For the past few days, the Shea Weber topic has been causing more and more talks.

First, there's The Athletic reporter Michael Russo, who suggested that the Minnesota Wild might consider acquiring Weber to put him on the long-term injured reserve and free up space for extend Kevin Fiala's contract.

Weber would therefore have had a value and could have brought something back to the Habs. (in a trade)

Finally, unfortunately, according to what we can understand, it is not that simple.

As Elliotte Friedman mentions in his last 32 Thoughts, placing a player on the LTIR is not so beneficial. There could still be interest, for a team wanting to reach the salary cap floor, but at that point, Weber becomes a negative value.

The Habs should therefore add. But, add what?

According to Jeremy Filosa, of 98.5 FM, the Arizona Coyotes would be ready to take the contract from Shea Weber, but not at any price.

«The only thing is, I talked to some hockey people today who said yes, they could pass it to the Coyotes. But the Coyotes are going to say I'm going to do you the favor, but give me a 2nd round pick, that would be good for me." - Jeremy Filosa

We are far from a trade like Brent Seabrook, and to hope to receive Tyler Johnson and a pick... Do you believe that Kent Hughes should keep him or trade his contract?

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