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Martin St-Louis made a noticeable gesture towards Jonathan Drouin yesterday

Published March 9, 2022 at 9:11

As you know, the Canadiens are currently preparing for their next game, which will take place tonight at 10:30 p.m. against the Canucks in Vancouver.

The team took to the ice yesterday and several players were back at practice with their teammates. This is particularly the case of Quebec forward Jonathan Drouin, who seems to be slowly approaching a return to play.

We can't wait to see the kind of player he will be under the orders of St-Louis. His talent and potential have always been undeniable.

The new head coach really seems to take a personal and individual interest in each of his players, and he has shown it on several occasions.

Yesterday, and it was noticed by several journalists, St-Louis and Drouin had several long discussions together. (and this, even if Drouin does not play tonight) Despite his withdrawal from the lineup, Martin St-Louis spends a LOT of time with Drouin, he wants it to work.

Indeed, in particular, on Tuesday afternoon, the interim head coach of the Habs, as a good leader, once again spent a lot of time with Drouin.

Especially here:

The kind of scene that we rarely see in the NHL, but that we see more and more in Montreal. For several minutes, the two chatted while doing laps around the ice. (and it happened a few times during practice)

Hoping that St-Louis can give wings to Drouin, when he is ready to return to the game.
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