We must read between the lines with the hiring of Marc Bergevin

Published January 9, 2022 at 7:40 PM

The Los Angeles Kings announced on Sunday that they had hired former Montreal Canadiens general manager, Marc Bergevin, as a senior advisor.

After 9 years in charge in Montreal, Bergevin will therefore advise Rob Blake in his decisions for the Kings.

Although many were surprised to see that Bergevin did not find a position as general manager, it would not be at all surprising to see him climb the ranks with his new organization.

According to journalist Martin Leclerc, it was Luc Robitaille, the president of the Kings, who asked Geoff Molson if he could meet with Bergevin. The latter would be promoted to deputy director at the end of this campaign.

It even seems that Marc Bergevin would have a three-season contract in pocket.

Blake, who is in his fifth year as general manager of the Kings, would still have no offer to renew a contract on the table.

It therefore seems increasingly obvious that Robitaille will appoint a new GM for his organization next summer. Is Bergevin likely to hold this position? One thing is certain, he will not remain a senior advisor for very long!

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