Jake Allen might just have found his post-career job!

Published January 9, 2022 at 5:04 PM

Since his arrival with the Montreal Canadiens, but especially this season, goalie Jake Allen has been transparent in his press briefings.

The Habs is having an atrocious season by any measure and some players have had to stand up and explain the team's woes. Allen is one of them.

One of the things the Habs has lacked this season is culture. With Price, Edmundson and Weber absent, it seems difficult to keep good habits. A situation that Allen would like to change.

"We all know where we stand in the standings. We have to be realistic. We have to look in the mirror and figure out where we want to go from here. We have to bring back some habits."

"Where we are is unacceptable. A lot of times we've found ways to shoot ourselves in the foot."

"We have 48 games left, that's enough time to build something good, especially with the young guys we have in place. We need to build a winning culture, and that's regardless of the wins and losses. We need to take something positive from this season that we can carry over to the next. During the last playoffs, we had this culture. We let it go. We need to get it back."

Number 34 didn't beat around the bush and didn't make excuses for his team. He was a true leader.

Jake Allen's attitude is inspiring to many, especially on the media side.

Stu Cowan and Eric Engels are among them.

Cowan even believes that Jake Allen would make a great television analyst after his hockey career.

Allen wouldn't be the first to go that route, quite the contrary. Many players become analysts after their hockey careers. There's no doubt that Allen could be a mainstay for a sports network.

For his part, Eric Engels loves the outspoken Montreal goaltender.

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