We finally know what the CH will probably give for P.L. Dubois, if the deal goes through

Published July 12, 2022 at 8:07 PM

This is a very big news that came out earlier today, as we learned that the Montreal Canadiens and the Winnipeg Jets would be working on a trade involving Pierre-Luc Dubois.

This makes perfect sense and is consistent with the information that has been circulating for the past few days, including this one:

So Kirby Dach was Kent Hughes' plan B in the draft, when the CH general manager wanted Pierre-Luc Dubois and almost got his hands on Dubois (the Alex DeBrincat trade really hurt, because it involved the seventh pick) Hughes intended to use that pick to make the trade with the Jets.

Then there's Renaud Lavoie, who said this:

Was Renaud talking about a trade involving Dubois? Hard to say, but it certainly could be:

"I'm told the Habs are still working with the Winnipeg Jets in an effort to complete a deal that would bring Pierre-Luc Dubois to Montreal long-term. The talks almost came to fruition in last week's draft.1/2

With a center line of Dubois, Suzuki, Dach and Evans, the rebuild could be quicker than expected. 2/2" - Martin Leclerc

You can guess that this gets a huge reaction. So the next question is: what could the Canadiens offer, in exchange for the Quebec center?

The excellent observer Andrew Zadarnowski has weighed in on the subject and it makes perfect sense:

"I'm guessing any trade for Dubois starts with Florida's first-round pick, the one the Habs received in the deal involving Ben Chiarot and a similar position player."

So it would look like this:

TO MONTREAL - Pierre-Luc Dubois

TO WINNIPEG - Christian Dvorak + Panthers 1st round pick 2023

Dvorak would almost certainly be included, and Kent Hughes might have to add a good youngster, like Jesse Ylonen or Riley Kidney.

Would you do it?

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We finally know what the CH will probably give for P.L. Dubois, if the deal goes through

Would you trade Dvorak + 1st pick 2023 Panthers + a youngster like Jesse Ylonen, for Pierre-Luc Dubois?

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