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WOW: Kent Hughes Receives a clear Warning from Bettman and the NHL

Published February 6, 2024 at 5:01 PM
Sometimes we wonder why Kent Hughes' press conferences, especially more recently, are very vague and less transparent.

The General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens refuses to answer several questions and is increasingly resorting to the famous politician-like responses.

Here's why.

Kent Hughes received a call and a warning from the NHL

In his early press conferences, Hughes was so refreshing precisely because he spoke a lot and because he was very transparent.

Clearly, he was too transparent in the eyes of the National Hockey League...

As reported by Marc-Olivier Cook, there is a rule that states NHL general managers are not allowed to mention the name of a player playing for another team.

Journalist Marc Antoine Godin notably discussed this on the "Tellement Hockey" podcast by Radio-Canada.

And Godin confided to the two other journalists that Hughes had to be warned at this level:

"He was warned, because he was doing it in a more compromising manner at the beginning and upon his arrival as the General manager of the Canadiens.

He got a little slap on the wrist." - Marc Antoine Godin and via an article by DLC

Wow... This explains that.

So, know that in the future, if Kent Hughes becomes increasingly "bland" in press conferences, it's not necessarily his fault.

Statements like these will no longer happen. Not even as a joke:

"If Connor McDavid was available [in Edmonton], the Canadiens would arrange to make an offer." - Kent Hughes

It's understood that Hughes said it jokingly, but the NHL did not find it funny.

It's extremely unfortunate to see that Gary Bettman and the league are trying so hard to control what the general managers say, and it's unfortunate to learn that Kent Hughes will be more closed off in press conferences, but at least we'll know why.

So, don't expect the words "Trevor Zegras" to come out of Hughes' mouth, unless the youngster becomes a forward for the Montreal Canadiens.


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WOW: Kent Hughes Receives a clear Warning from Bettman and the NHL

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