Tyler Toffoli spoke about the new Canadiens management

Published January 19, 2022 at 2:09 PM

Upon his return to the game on Tuesday night, Tyler Toffoli was "clutch", then he competed at the height of his performances of last season. In 17:45 playing time, he scored a goal, picked up an assist, shot three times at the net, then handed out three hits.

Tyler, please, keep that attitude up until the end of the season, okay?

"I want to be part of the solution... I want to be a guy who's a leader, who's looked up to," says Tyler Toffoli.

That said, following this highly inspiring performance by number 73, the journalists questioned him about the new management and he remained in courtesy and clichés... with good reason!

"it's really none of our business in a sense; we're here to play hockey & show up to work everyday..." - Toffoli

It's simple, number 73 has a deep desire to be part of the solution, he has clearly sent his message to management!

"I've been through this before, I've been traded before and know better than to get caught up in whatever the rumours are going to be. Whatever direction they feel they want to go in, I want to be part of it but if that's not what happens, I have to move on..." - Toffoli

We like that, Tyler, keep focusing on hockey and talking like that, that's how we love you, in the state of mind you were yesterday.
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