Trade market: we just learned that Sean Monahan met with Kent Hughes and it's serious

Published December 5, 2022 at 1:11 PM

This continues to be one of the hot topics for the Montreal Canadiens right now.

What to do with Sean Monahan? The former Calgary Flames' first center is exceeding expectations with the Habs, and the Montreal management must explore the possibility of keeping him here for the longer term. On the other hand, on the trade market, he could bring in a lot of money. (possibly a valuable 2023 first round pick)

This is a big decision to make.

On that note, as Marco Normandin mentions in a recent article and via renowned tipster Elliotte Friedman, we learn this:

"You can see how much Sean Monahan is appreciated in the Habs locker room. Did you see the players give it their all to win the game for him when he returned to Calgary? With all of his injuries and surgeries in the past, hockey had become a chore for Monahan and this season is the first time in a long time that he's actually enjoyed showing up at the arena.

There were rumors at the beginning of the season that Monahan was going to be traded by the Habs and he went to the team management because he was concerned about the situation.

He was told that no decision had been made yet on the matter and that we would sit down with him later in the season to discuss the way forward." - Elliotte Friedman

Wow there is so much reassuring and important information in there.

First, we see that Monahan loves playing here and is seriously concerned about his future with the CH. Secondly, we see that once again, the Montreal Canadiens have taken giant steps to improve their communication with their players.

One thing is for sure, if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton ever decide to extend Monahan's contract, instead of trading him, all indications are that the main interested party will be absolutely open to signing here for the longer term. That's important too.

To be continued!

Monahan, 28, has five goals and 11 assists (16 points in 24 games) this season.

If it was your decision, what would you do?

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Trade market: we just learned that Sean Monahan met with Kent Hughes and it's serious

What you do with Monahan?

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