A Canadiens prospect believes he can be the next Cale Makar

Published December 5, 2022 at 11:01

The excellent Anthony Martineau of TVA Sports had the chance to go to Boston to meet the 62nd overall pick of the Canadiens in the last draft, Lane Hutson.

Right off the bat, Martineau pointed out how much weight and size Hutson has put on.

"Interesting fact: Hutson, when he stands in front of the Boston University Terriers' beautiful locker room for the interview, looks much more imposing than when he was drafted." - Anthony Martineau

Hutson, by the way, noted that he now weighs 161 pounds.

So far this season, the young Tricolore prospect is producing at a rate of 1.21 points per game. At the same age, Makar was averaging 0.6 points per game.

This is double the production of Hutson, which is impressive under the circumstances. But, will he be able to dominate like Makar in the NHL?

Here is his answer:

"I think I can reach Cale Makar's level of play. Time will tell, but I feel like I can offer the type of elements that he brings." - Lane Hutson

To read and listen to the full story, it's here:

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A Canadiens prospect believes he can be the next Cale Makar

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