Tonight's game between the Hurricanes and Rangers is very important for the Habs

Published May 30, 2022 at 1:16 PM

The second round of the NHL playoffs will finally come to an end (already) tonight, as the New York Rangers meet the Carolina Hurricanes for a big game #7.

The duel starts at 8pm, live from Carolina.


Tonight, Montreal Canadiens officials (and fans) will have a better idea of exactly where the CH will be drafting in the upcoming draft with the Calgary Flames' pick.

As reported by TVA Sports' excellent statistician Guillaume Villemaire, if the Hurricanes win, the Flames' pick will be a bit further down (probably 26th), while if the Rangers win, the pick will be a bit earlier (probably 24th or 25th).

This gives Montreal Canadiens fans a little extra incentive and incentive for tonight's game.

Go Rangers?!

Credit: Alex Desrosiers, RTD
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