Two anonymous NHL executives speak out on a possible trade involving Carey Price

Jeff Drouin
May 30, 2022  (12:11)

The Carey Price file is a huge one for the Habs organization. The staff must be anxious for the main player to decide on his future, because it will greatly influence the next summer of Kent Hughes...

Opinions on the matter are diverse in the media and among fans. Many want to see the goalie leave the organization in order to free up the $10.5M he is taking on the payroll, while others want to see him back in the CH net next season.
Opinions are just as varied in the NHL. The TVA Sports website recently met with two of the league's hockey executives to share their visions. As you might expect, the two hockey men have completely opposite views on the matter.
Executive number 1: Cut ties with Price.
This employee thinks the CH should turn the page on the "Carey Price era". He thinks the veteran goalie has become a distraction to the club and that the best thing would be to cut ties.
When I look at the current picture regarding Carey Price, including his injury history and the direction the CH seems to want to take, I think it's high time the team cut ties with him, either via a trade or a contract buyout. It may seem like a drastic solution, but like it or not, Price is a huge distraction for the CH. How many games has he played this season? And conversely, how many news/tweets about him have we seen? It's incredible, honestly."

Employee 1 thinks that if not this summer, Hughes will have to deal him next March at the trade deadline. For this, Price will have to be amazing at the beginning of the season. He thinks the CH could get a return similar to the one the Blackhawks got when they traded Marc-Andre Fleury to the Minnesota Wild (conditional 1st round pick).
That would be big! So, as for a possible trade involving Carey Price, the number 1 executive would take action.
Executive #2: Continue with Price.
This employee, unlike the first, thinks that if Price is healthy, the CH should keep his services.
"Looking at the Tricolore's plan for the future, I would keep Carey Price, if the decision was mine. First of all, his value is not as great as it was before his injury, that's obvious. Are you willing to give up a first pick and a prospect to get Price? I wouldn't. Not at all, in fact. Will the return you get for him be good enough to start another season with Allen and Montembeault? The answer is obvious to me."

The logic of this second employee is that the CH will definitely not be very competitive next season. If the young defensemen play a lot next season, their confidence should not be broken if they finish the season with, for example, a differential of -24. It makes more sense for this employee to have a good goalie when your team is young to inspire confidence.
So, as for a possible trade involving Carey Price, the number 2 manager would not do it. He would keep the services of number 31.
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Two anonymous NHL executives speak out on a possible trade involving Carey Price

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