This crazy statistic about Alexander Romanov hurts the eyes

Published November 2, 2021 at 9:46

As mentioned in my Facebook "liner", it's not just Cole Caufield who needs to be whipped and/or demoted... Alexander Romanov is one of the worst players on the Montreal Canadiens so far, if not the worst! No matter who he's paired with, it's not going well at all for the 21-year-old Russian.

Romanov is playing with David Savard and the duo is not looking good since they are together. In fact, the two defenseman are paired together on the 2nd power play and let's just say that this pairing is hurting the team a lot.

Alexandre Pratt, from La Presse, showed us a statistic about Romanov (and one including David Savard), and to be exact, it's a real shame.

Here is the table presented by Mr. Pratt, which is very revealing:


Romanov and Savard are the two worst in the NHL in the goals allowed column this season with one man down. Opposing teams on massive offense have scored nine goals against the Romanov-Savard duo. Ouch!

Without Joel Edmundson and Shea Weber, it's a real shame on defense and on the PK... And to think that the future on defense is far from ready.
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