Antoine Roussel is totally outraged by the Kyle Beach case

Published November 1, 2021 at 10:12 PM

It's impossible to have missed the Kyle Beach case. Since his identity was revealed, players and executives from all corners of the National Hockey League have reacted to the situation and today it was the turn of Arizona Coyotes forward Antoine Roussel, who also serves as a steward with the NHLPA.

Invited on the set of the JiC show, Roussel admitted to being outraged by the whole issue, but especially by the comments made by Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews a few days ago.

The issue is the response he has 10 years later in trying to protect the Hawks' management at that time," Roussel said. That's what bothers me about Jonathan Toews' comments."

"It's comments that are not acceptable saying that they are good people at that time. We don't care if they're good people. What we want is for there to be justice and for this guy to be protected. [...] What we want to hear is that you empathize with Kyle Beach. He's been through a lot, it's ruined his career. [...] And on top of that, they ruined the careers of NCAA guys, I can't believe it. I'm shocked."

Roussel went on to address the treatment Beach received, including being offended by the way the Blackhawks handled the matter by prioritizing winning over the well-being of one of their players.

I'm really disappointed in the way he was treated by his organization," continued Roussel. I'm angry inside that the Hawks organization turned a blind eye to what happened. They ruined his career. He had to live with 10 years of turmoil. The worst thing, the Hawks wrote a letter of recommendation to the abuser to go to a school in the NCAA to do this to other kids. I thought that was aberrant."

"It's already been 10 years since it happened. But as a player, I want to get to the bottom of this and I want to know what happened," he concluded.

Source: TVA Sports
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