The war between the Montreal Canadiens and the Carolina Hurricanes continues...

Published October 8, 2021 at 2:15 PM

Two offer sheets, spikes sent from both sides and endless "trolls", you could say that the Habs and Hurricanes have been engaged in a mini-war for the past two years.

This skirmish, which was thought to be over, has continued recently. Remember, the NHL teams were scheduled to play a total of six playoff games each. However, the Carolina Hurricanes have only had four games this year.

According to unofficial information obtained by Frank Seravalli, the Montreal Canadiens would have denounced this situation to the NHL in order for the Canes to be slapped on the wrist. A decision that could add fuel to the fire considerably.

If that were the case, the Habs would have been caught at their own game, as the NHL would have allowed teams to plan their own pre-season schedules. It would have nothing to do with the League officials.

Seravalli added that he was looking forward to the two teams playing each other on the ice to see what kind of atmosphere would prevail between them.

This is getting more and more ridiculous... When is this going to stop? 😅 It's like two eight year olds stubbornly trying to get the same toy... It's entertaining for hockey fans, but you have to know when to stop.
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