Max Domi has lost something that is very difficult to recover...

Published October 8, 2021 at 1:06 PM

It's no secret that Max Domi's debut with the Columbus Blue Jackets didn't go as planned. The Canadian forward was acquired from the Montreal Canadiens last year for Josh Anderson, among others.

In his first season in Ohio, Domi accumulated a total of 24 points, including 9 goals, in 54 games.

He had surgery in June for a shoulder injury and is currently recovering. He was back on the ice Thursday to train with his teammates with contacts.

His rehab and recovery have obviously gone well.

"I was lucky to have a great rehab at home. Every day of the summer was about getting healthier with extra treatments here and there, as well as off-ice exercises," he told the Jackets' website. "It was fun and I enjoyed it. There were some days that were harder than others, but it paid off in the end."

Asked if he would play in the Jackets' season opener next Thursday, Domi is confident he will be there with his teammates. According to him, it's a very realistic scenario.

"I don't know, we'll see," Domi said. "I probably circled the date of the first game on my calendar, but who wouldn't? I know it's a scenario that is considered unrealistic by most people. However, no one else can decide this but me. So that's the goal and I'm going to stick with that."

Domi also admitted to losing his confidence, even part of his personality, both in everyday life and on the ice. He will try to remedy the situation the hard way, while keeping his "game" simple and effective.

"I really want to get back to being me," he said. "I wanted to take a step back and stop thinking. I think that's a very important thing, and not just in sports or professional hockey. When you start thinking too much and questioning things and trying to be someone you're not, you're going down a hard road. You have to play to your strengths and remember that you are here for a reason. That comes with confidence."

Domi has talent, that's for sure. But when you try to do too much, it doesn't work most of the time. He has to use his strengths well, in order to perform well. He will absolutely have to recover his personal confidence. He will have to become the Max Domi of the 2018-2019 season, the one who had accumulated 72 points in 82 games. The Jackets would likely love to get to know this side of Max Domi, considering what they gave back in Josh Anderson.

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