Brendan Gallagher currently feels powerless

Published October 8, 2021 at 9:21

Following Thursday night's game, the last preparation game, Brendan Gallagher appeared in a press briefing, and then, of course, he opened up about the situation of his friend Carey Price. A very emotional speech!

"I've been here for ten years and I've always played with Carey. I couldn't ask for a better teammate. He is a role model for the city, for the youth and the Aboriginal community. He decided to look in the mirror and wanted to be a better man. He is already a good teammate, a good husband and a good father. But he needs to work on himself. It's a brave move, a tough decision. He has our support as a teammate and friend," said Gallagher.

Of course, like Marc Bergevin and many of his teammates, the little number 11 feels so helpless in this situation...

"There were a lot of emotions when I learned that. I was surprised. I was also a little disappointed. I consider him a very good friend. Whenever I've been in difficult situations, he's been there to help me. I wish I could have done the same for him. I didn't know that. But I am happy with his decision. We love hockey, but it becomes secondary when you think about the more serious things in life," added Gallagher.

What I remembered from the speech of the little "Gally" was the part about the superhero. Number 11, who has said many times that Price remains a special friend, doesn't like the fact that fans think of Carey Price as Superman, a superhero. He thinks it's unfair and inappropriate for him to be treated that way because he's a GREAT player.

Let's just say he's not in left field when it comes to the term superhero...
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