The first BIG mistake of the CH was made by Bergevin after the final

Published November 19, 2021 at 11:16

We can search, search and search again, what made the Montreal Canadiens fall, but the answer is well hidden. It is impossible to find, even if we point out a ton of gestures that are evocative.

Mario Langlois, on 98.5 Sports, brought back a sequence that he believes to be the first act of indiscipline of the year by the Montreal Canadiens. The culprit? Marc Bergevin, nobody else!

Here is the speech in question from Langlois:

"The first act of indiscipline of the year is not (Brendan) Gallagher, the day before yesterday, punching (an opponent) in the face. It's not Jeff Petry getting up on the bench and crying.

The first act of indiscipline of the year on the Canadiens, in my humble opinion and with all due respect, was Marc Bergevin committing it in the press conference the day after the loss to Tampa Bay (in the playoffs) by putting his contractual situation ahead of the team."

Langlois has a point, which is the biggest distraction with the Habs in weeks and weeks, Marc Bergevin's cursed nebulous status. As they say, leadership starts from the top and "Berg's" level of leadership is no longer so "on point".

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