A picture of the Canadiens that is worth more than a thousand words...

Published November 19, 2021 at 9:17

It doesn't make sense anymore! Garbage cans need to be kicked. Cuss words must be rained down. This is the scenario where Dominique Ducharme flips a switch in one of Jean de La Fontaine's fables. Hey, a 6-0 loss to a team that will most likely not make the playoffs...

Where was the effort of the soldiers of the Dominique Ducharme unit? When the coach walks into a press conference and incisively states that they were just "bad", he has reached the bottom of the barrel. He has no more arguments to offer, because they are the same ones, which is becoming redundant.

Then, I must admit that Thursday night, I was really uncomfortable watching Cayden Primeau, who should not even be in such a bad environment, for his own mental well being. It's sad that youngsters like Cole Caufield, Alexander Romanov, Mattias Norlinder and Primeau are in such a cloudy locker room.

This Habs are pitiful, no less. They're so awful, they're off to the worst start to a campaign in terms of goal differential in losses before 20 games since 1993. Minus-43... What a joke!

And here's another lackluster statistic for the Montreal Canadiens, who achieved a first in nearly 30 years.

Anyway, I'll leave you with an image worth more than a thousand words regarding the Montreal Canadiens' concentration.

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