The Montreal Canadiens are facing an embarrassing statistic of 36 years old

Published January 6, 2022 at 8:40

For many years, the Montreal Canadiens built their success by setting their sights on the defensive and their starting goaltender. The collective effort was also a major factor.

The organization had no choice, as it had no offensive elements capable of dominating the NHL, such as the McDavid, Draisaitl, Crosby and MacKinnon of this world.

The lack of blatant offensive by the Canadiens prompted journalist Eric Macramalla to do some research. According to his research, the Canadiens had not had a pointer in the top-10 scorers on the circuit in 36 years.

The last to have accomplished this feat? Mats Naslund in 1986 with 110 points, including 43 goals, in 80 games, good for eighth place in the NHL.

The CH won the Stanley Cup against the Calgary Flames that year.

Who will be the next to accomplish such a feat? The only player in the current CH edition who could achieve this is Nick Suzuki. If he is well surrounded, it is clear that this could be achievable.
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