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The Habs have already found their general manager

Published November 29, 2021 at 1:45 PM

Geoff Molson spoke to the media this noon, following the dismissals of Marc Bergevin, Trevor Timmins and Paul Wilson. He announced that the search for a new general manager was underway.

However, according to many people, the REAL general manager of the Habs is already in the organization. It would be Jeff Gorton, the new executive vice-president of hockey operations.

According to many journalists, no matter who is named general manager of the Habs, Gorton will be the boss. The only reason Gorton doesn't have the official title of general manager is because of his native language.

"It will be very difficult for them to convince anyone that the real GM of the Habs is not Jeff Gorton from now on," said Arpon Basu.

"Will the other GM we're going to name help? Certainly. Will he have important responsibilities? No doubt. But will he really be in charge, will he make the decisions? The answer is almost certainly no," added Basu.

The old Michel Bergeron is of the same opinion, he added a layer on the air of TVA Sports network.

"We already know who the next GM of the Habs is, it's Jeff Gorton. He will have all the power at the hockey level, at the level of the draft, on the firm club, on the exchanges... We are talking about the bread and butter of the GM normally. The new GM will not have the same missions and the same powers as a conventional one."

Patrick Lalime and Renaud Lavoie, Bergeron's colleagues, agree.

"Gorton will hire a right-hand man, but he will make the decisions and have the final say," said Pat Lalime.

"If Jeff Gorton was a Quebecer, there would be no other hiring," added Renaud Lavoie.

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