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Molson's press briefing: a big arrow aimed at Bergevin and Timmins

Published November 29, 2021 at 11:47

Geoff Molson looked exhausted, but at the same time, he seemed lighter and relieved after this big decision.

He took this route because it was necessary due to the crappy start to the season that the Montreal Canadiens are having. He had no choice but to mop up and start over with a new vision.

He threw an arrow at Trevor Timmins and Marc Bergevin, indicating that the two main goals were going to be: improve the draft system and the development system. Molson was as aware of these big weaknesses as we were. The organization also wants to better supervise its young players, its prospects.

That said, Geoff Molson is very happy to begin a search for a new general manager, but he is even more pleased with the addition of Jeff Gorton, whom he sees as an exceptional man. Gorton has a long-term contract, so he is not here temporarily.

Molson said that the war is not open between Bergevin and him, that the two men always speak with great respect. On the subject of information control, such as the release of the plausible hiring of Jeff Gorton before Bergevin knew about it, Molson said that this type of situation could not be managed.

On the subject of Gorton, the dialogue between Molson and him opened 10 days ago, after Molson did his homework on him.

In short, he spoke at length about his new vision of having his team led by two hockey men. Gorton fully embraces this concept and he also believes it will be a huge positive for the organization.
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