The CH probably wanted to wake Cayden Primeau up...

Published October 3, 2021 at 5:56 PM

Yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens claimed Quebec goaltender Samuel Montembeault from the Florida Panthers from the waivers. It's a surprising move to say the least, considering the Tricole has an industrial amount of goalies in their lineup. However, there are two possible hypotheses as to the Habs' intentions in this matter, in my opinion.

Hypothesis number one:

Carey Price will not be ready for the start of the season. The CH had announced that #31 would miss the entirety of his team's training camp, but that he would be at his position for the first game of the season. Maybe it's not the case anymore? A knee recovery is never something to be ignored, especially in the case of Price, who is not at his first rodeo. Maybe his recovery is not going as well as planned by the organization?

Let's wait before we get alarmed. It would make a lot of sense, because we would rather have a Carey Price at 100%, than a Price at 80% who risks getting injured again during the season. I'm sure the CH is watching this issue closely.

Hypothesis number two:

Maybe the Habs wanted to get a reaction out of Cayden Primeau, who knows? The CH is hoping their youngster reaches the next level of his development, as he will be in his third professional season. He had a very difficult start to training camp, but bounced back with flying colors yesterday against the Senators. Perhaps the acquisition of Montembeault has whipped him into shape? Montembeault will likely come in to back up Jake Allen at the start of the season, but what happens after that? He will inevitably be sent to the Laval Rocket. McNiven will obviously be sent to Trois-Rivières...

I'm starting to see the whole thing take shape and I think that the CH probably didn't like Cayden Primeau's camp and that's why Marc Bergevin went for Montembeault. Funny coincidence. Primeau had his best game yesterday. The pride of the American goalie has surely been touched, following this decision of the organization. In case of injury, Primeau was the first one called back, but not anymore. Montembeault has more NHL experience than Primeau and is still a young goalie at only 24 years old.

Primeau was once seen as the "successor" to Carey Price, but is that still the case? One thing is for sure, the organization doesn't seem to be totally comfortable with Primeau's performance in front of the net. He will most likely spend the next campaign in Laval...
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