Robin Lehner's exit threw Dale Weise on his ass

Published October 3, 2021 at 5:50 PM

Last night, Robin Lehner used his favorite platform, Twitter, to accuse Alain Vigneault and the Philadelphia Flyers of giving illegal substances to their players. According to the more colorful than ever, the Flyers are giving Benzodiazepine type drugs, which slow down brain activity, as well as Ambien, which helps with insomnia problems...

Yes, it's crazy that an active player would go out on the networks to deliver a situation that must remain secret and behind the scenes of the teams involved. Dale Weise was impressed by Lehner's gesture, he risks a LOT with this type of outing. He might even be fired by the Vegas Golden Knights.

"Wow, just catching Robin Lehner's tweets! It's very rare for an active player to tell the truth and not be afraid to shed light on current situations! Complete respect to Robin Lehner!" - Weise

Drew Wheeler, meanwhile, said a source told him this:

"Flyers staff gave Nolan Patrick over-the-counter Ambien and Benzodiazepines to help with his head injury, while not disclosing the medications he was given at the time."

Just like that, Patrick is now a member of the Vegas Knights, so he certainly confided in the goalie, who has been through many obstacles in his life/career. In the end, Mr. Vigneault is probably in hot water... just like Lehner, who is risking a lot, I remind you.
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