Text messages sent by one of the players to the victim are revealed and it is bloodcurdling

Published July 21, 2022 at 9:37

In the last few hours, the noose has been tightening on the perpetrators of the horrific alleged gang rape in connection with the Hockey Canada scandal.

Many players are announcing that they will cooperate and disassociate themselves from the case.

Yesterday, Le Journal de Montréal revealed an old conversation the victim had with a player on the team.

It's bloodcurdling. See for yourself:

"You said you had fun." - The Player

"I was really drunk, I didn't feel good at all afterwards. But I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble. I was fine going home with you, I just didn't expect to see everybody afterwards [referring to the other players there]. I just felt like I was being made fun of and taken advantage of." - The victim

"You need to talk to your mom right away and straighten things out with the police before it goes too far. This is a serious matter that she is twisting and could have major implications for many people, including you." - The Player

The player then really pressed the victim about whether the matter was "settled" with the police. He put pressure on her.

So the victim then wrote this back to the player:

"I told them I would not go any further and that it was a mistake. You should be correct by now, so I hope nothing more comes of it." - The victim

As reported by our colleagues at Fanadiens.com, recall that the victim is seeking a total of $3.55 million in damages, past and future, for the pain and suffering and stress the entire story has caused.

The final amount, however, has not been disclosed.

It should also be noted that several players have dissociated themselves from the events, including Cale Makar, Max Comtois, Brett Howden, Victor Mete, Dante Fabbro, Jonah Gadjovich, Cal Foote, Robert Thomas, Jordan Kyrou, Taylor Raddysh and Conor Timmins.

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Text messages sent by one of the players to the victim are revealed and it is bloodcurdling

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